Shelties of True Blue Ranch

We are so happy that you found our website and hope you are enjoying learning more about our beloved Shelties. We live in Nacogdoches, Texas, which is about three hours east of Dallas and three hours north of Houston. Our love affair with Shelties began when we brought home our Blue in 2011. Blue was very shy at first as he had been raised in a cage for most of his life. Blue began to trust us more and more every day and learned to be a "dog" that got to run, jump, and play. We then found our Belle, and she and Blue became best of friends.

Blue and Belle had their first litter of six puppies in July 2013. We ended up keeping their first boy, Samson, and found five new friends who adopted the other puppies. We realized the joy that our puppies brought to others and decided to get another Sheltie, and then another, and then another... Shelties are so special and unique that it's hard to stop with just one, two... or even sixteen! Having our Shelties not only has brought us so much love and happiness from our own gang, but we have met and befriended so many wonderful people. We are so thrilled when we get updates on the puppies and when the puppy owners bring them by for a visit. When we first started raising Shelties, we did it for the love of the breed, and now a special bonus is the relationships that we have developed with all of our puppies' owners. When you adopt from us, you get the puppy and two good friends who are always available to answer questions and share in the love and joy of your new baby.

Our lives center around Jesus Christ, and it is based on His teachings and principles that we strive to conduct our lives. We pray that our puppies will go to the right homes where they will be loved and cared for and they will bring joy and blessings to their new families. We are committed to the health of our puppies, and we are in it for the "long-haul" with you and your baby. We do not give just a 1 or 2-year heredity/genetic/congenital guarantee; we are invested in your pup's well being for all of his/her life (please see our Puppies page for more details).

We love to have visitors at True Blue Ranch, and you are more than welcome to come see us anytime. We are constantly upgrading our facilities to make them as comfortable, safe, and dog/people friendly as possible. God has blessed us with a wonderful property and home that is perfect for our dogs. We are proud of our "Boy's Bunkhouse", which is a 400 sq. ft air conditioned, insulated addition to our house. The dogs have their own "rooms" as well as a grooming station with their own water heater and elevated tub. Coming soon is our "Princess Palace" for our girls which will be similar to the Bunkhouse. We also have a large fenced area for the gang to run and play, and we will be fencing in an even larger area for more playtime.

Thanks again for stopping by our website and learning more about us. Please contact us with any questions or comments. Also, send us pictures of your beautiful babies; we just can't get our fill of seeing Shelties.

May God Bless You and All the Shelties,

Kellee & Glenn Harris

Kellee & Glenn Harris

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