The girls love laying on the couch with us and coming in and out of the house while their "Princess Palace" is being built. Their new facility will be much like the Boy's Bunkhouse. All of our kids have wonderful manners and are often in the house playing and loving on us. The dogs also have a half acre of fenced yard to run around, and we will be fencing in an even larger area soon. We are very blessed to have a beautiful home, property, and facilities for our kids.

The puppies are raised in pens inside our home. We have different size pens that the puppies graduate up to as they grow so they have plenty of room to run and play. We have installed cameras over each pen so that we can watch them on a monitor when we are not in the room with them. The puppies are exposed to all the sights and sounds of our household.  The mamas stay with their babies until they are at least 8 weeks old and weaned.

Not that all the dogs enjoy bath time, but having an elevated tub and their own water heater does make the task much easier for us and them. Not pictured is a grooming table.

The dogs enjoy their elevated cots, but some prefer to stretch out on the cold floor during the hot summer. Not pictured is each room has its own food and water bowls. The gang spends most of their time playing in the yard, but they all are happy to come inside for breaks and bedtime.

The painted concrete flooring and drains make cleanups easy and helps to keep the rooms hygienic and safe for the dogs. We were able to carry the look of our house out to the Bunkhouse with the bricks on the walls. The windows and doors bring in natural light. 

We are very proud of our AKC inspected and approved facilities for our dogs at True Blue Ranch. The "Boy's Bunkhouse" is a 400 sq ft, climate controlled addition to the back of our house. The Bunkhouse features an air conditioner, heater, and grooming station with a water heater and elevated tub. We don't use the words "cage", "crate", or "kennel"; we consider the dogs to have their own rooms. Our boys know which room is theirs, and they enjoy coming in from playing outside to take a nap, eat, and at bedtime. During the hot Texas summers, they love to stay in their rooms and relax in the air conditioning.

Our Facilities:

Shelties of True Blue Ranch

Our covered outdoor kennel is at the back door of the Bunkhouse and right outside our bedroom window. It provides a safe place for the puppies to enjoy the great outdoors on warm sunny days. The puppies then go back to their pens inside the house.

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