Puppies are a delight for all the senses: the Smell of the

puppy breath, the Sound of their sweet coos, the Sight of

their pink noses and toes, the Feel of their soft hair, and

you just want to Eat them up!

There is an air of excitement that goes through the entire

house when new puppies are being born. It's as if all the

dogs know what is happening, and they all appear to be

like an expectant family in the waiting room and are

awaiting word of the new arrivals. Having new puppies in

the house is a miraculous and joyous time for us. We

constantly pray for the health and safety of our puppies

and dogs, and we know that we are blessed to have

these beautiful creatures in our care.

We name each of our puppies, observe their developing personalities, and take careful note of their development and needs. We are fortunate that our trusted veterinarians' office is at the back of our property and we have a close relationship with them and their staff (Ward Animal Hospital).

We cherish the relationships that we build with our puppy owners. We appreciate the updates, pictures, and visits from the owners as their puppy grows. We are always available to answer questions. If for any reason one of our puppy owners cannot keep their baby, we will be there to help them find a new home or we will take the puppy back. We couldn't bare to think of one of our babies being in a shelter or rescue. We are always here to help.

All of our puppies come with full AKC registration papers, health certificate from our vet, and age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings. Our health guarantee against hereditary conditions is for the life of your puppy. Hereditary means a condition that is inherited from the mom or dad's genes (genetics). In the event of such a situation, we will provide a new puppy (not that a new puppy could ever replace another) or refund the purchase price in full. We will not be responsible for any vet bills. Congenital defects are present at the birth of the puppy, but they are not always obvious right away. They can be hidden for weeks, months, years, or lifelong. Some congenital defects are not life threatening and can be manageable. If one of our puppies is found to have a defect that seriously impacts their health, we will provide the same guarantee as we do for hereditary conditions (again, we will not be responsible for vet bills). Simply put, we stand behind our dogs and their puppies. We cannot guarantee that one of our puppies will not have a hereditary or congenital condition (no one can), but we do guarantee that we will be there to help you however we can for the life of your pup. Our puppies are our "grandbabies", and we love each one.

We live in East Texas in a small town called Nacogdoches (The Oldest Town in Texas), which is 3 hours east of Dallas and 3 hours north of Houston. Our new puppy owners either come to us or we drive the puppy to them for the cost of our travel expenses. We do not ship our puppies, but we have looked into flying with our puppies to their new homes (which usually costs about the same as shipping the puppy). We work with our new owners to be sure the puppy gets to their new home safely and conveniently.

If you would like to get one of our puppies or need more information, please contact us. We want to get to know you and have you get to know us and our puppies.

Kellee & Glenn Harris


Shelties of True Blue Ranch

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