Shelties of True Blue Ranch

We have had three Sheltie girls who lived long lives, so you know we love Shelties. We were looking to adopt a Sheltie, but couldn't find one. Our daughter sent us to the True Blue Sheltie site. We went on the site and saw a picture of three black and white Sheltie puppies. Right away we spotted the one we wanted. We found out the one we wanted was named Beauty. Her parents are Belle and Blue Ribbon. We put a deposit down on her and waited impatiently until she was old enough to come home with us. We live in Heber Springs, AR, so we met Glenn in Shreveport, LA to pick her up. She is such a nice addition to our family. She learns quickly and is so loving. She likes to play ball and frisbee. She has had no health problems and is so beautiful. We know she had a good start in life because of the hands-on treatment she received from birth. Thank you Glenn and Kellee.

~ The Allens, Heber Springs, AR ~

Faith and Candy were born on July 14, 2013 to Belle and Blue. Their brothers are our Samson and Banx (above). The Chisum children knew they were getting Candy, but Faith was a surprise for them. It was so fun to see their faces when their dad said that Candy looked like she needed a friend and we presented them with Faith. We are so happy that these sisters got to stay together, and are proud of how much love they have brought to their new family. They are such pretty girls!

We ended up with sisters, a bi-blue and a bi-black, Candy and Faith, about a year and a half ago. Those two sweet little fluff balls have turned into two of the most loving Shelties I have had the pleasure of owning. My kids adore them. When we take them out, we are stopped constantly by people remarking on their color and how beautiful they are. They are both very loyal to our family and they protect my 7-year-old like he is one of their babies. Every time we go to the vet, they get a clean bill of heath and we are told he has never seen coloring like the girls have. I can't imagine being without them. They bring such joy to our lives. We are so glad that we found you, and thank you so much for two wonderful Shelties!

~ The Chisums, Houston, TX ~

Reveille was born on July 11, 2014 to Blondie and Walker. Rev was our first blue merle puppy, and her colors and markings are just stunning. Her eyes are unlike any Sheltie's that we have ever seen. We always look forward to her latest pictures and visits. A beautiful girl inside and out!  

Kellee & Glenn were amazing to work with from the very beginning of our puppy’s life. They made sure we always had an updated picture of our baby and told us of all her milestones. It was obvious when we went to visit our puppy before she was old enough to come home that they love their dogs and what they are doing. They have truly been so much more than just a place where we got our puppy; they are family! We recommend True Blue Ranch to everyone who asks where we got our pretty puppy (and we get asked a LOT!).

~ The Johnsons, Corpus Christi, TX ~

We surprised our kids over spring break with a new puppy. Our previous Sheltie was with us for 16 years and she had recently passed away. We knew we wanted another Sheltie and found Shelties True Blue Ranch on the internet. We fell in love with Jake from the moment we saw his picture. Glenn and Kellee were so great to help us with the surprise. Glenn drove from TX to TN to deliver our precious new puppy. Since then, Jake has become one of the family and we couldn't be happier with him.

~ The Vignerys, Memphis, TN ~

I discovered Shelties of True Blue Ranch in August 2013. My baby was only three weeks old at that time. The first glance at her beautiful face and I was hooked. I immediately said I wanted her and did not even look at her siblings. I used to breed Shelties myself and knew what quality was. Skye turned out to be the most beautiful Sheltie with a perfect personality to boot. She is very loving and minds perfectly. Her ears naturally tipped down with no help. Everyone stops us when we are out with her to pet her and tell us how gorgeous she is! I cannot thank the Harris' enough for their loving home and perfect Shelties. We recently got a 2-pound Pomeranian. Skye immediately took over playing with it very gently and teaching it manners just like a mother dog would. She is a natural!

~ Fran & John, Shreveport, LA ~

Banx was born on July 14, 2013 to Belle and Blue. His brother is our Samson. Banx is the only puppy that Kellee has delivered without Glenn's assistance, so he holds an extra special place in her heart. Banx is proof that Shelties and cats can be good friends!

Skye was born on July 14, 2013 with the same litter as Samson, Banx, Candy, and Faith. Her stunning facial markings made her a real standout right away. It certainly was love at first sight when Fran saw her, and it was so sweet to watch Fran beam while holding her new little baby. 

Jake was born on January 20, 2014 to Belle and Blue. He was the only one of the litter, and so we introduced our Little King David to Belle and she accepted him as her own and nursed the two puppies who became best of friends. This picture brings us so much joy to see how happy Jake has made these beautiful children.

Beauty was born on July 8, 2014 to Belle and Blue. Beauty was the smallest of her litter and had the most beautiful look about her. She started out a little shy, but she has blossomed into a friendly, playful, and loving little girl. We are so proud of her, and so glad the Allens found her and became our friends!

Our bi-blue Sheltie Banx, aka Banxy Boo, is just about a year and a half old now and brings so much joy to our little family. I can't tell you how many compliments we've gotten on how beautiful he is. We are happy to report he has received a clean bill of health at every vet visit and is continuing to grow into the most loving and sweetest dog. He recently become a big brother to a little kitten and we are happy to report they are now the best of friends. Banx plays with and loves the new kitten like he is one of his own. It's not hard to see that Banx's qualities are a reflection of his parents, Blue and Belle. Thank you for breeding the most personable and loving Shelties!

~ Aaron & Sarah, Houston, TX ~

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