Daniel (Sable Merle) is Blondie and Walker's handsome son. Daniel has blue eyes that look right through you. He loves to please us and is always eager to learn new tricks. His favorite thing to do is to play with his dad and best friend, Jesse.

True Blue's Mighty Samson

Blue (Bi-Blue) is the one that started our love affair with Shelties. He came to live with us in October 2011, and he forever changed our lives. Blue is the sweetest and kindest boy and puts a smile on our faces every day. He is the patriarch of True Blue Ranch as well as its heart and soul.

Bristow's Blue Ribbon

Meet the Boys:

Walker (Tricolor) was born in South Dakota. He is our "Fabio" as he loves to let the wind blow through his flowing hair. Walker loves to play with the puppies and our smaller dogs. He will lay on the ground and let them crawl all over him. Walker is a "pretty boy," but he has fun rolling in the mud and wrestling with the others. Walker is named after our best friend, Bruce Walker, who passed in 2013, and we know Bruce would be proud to have this handsome loving boy carry his name.

Duke (Tricolor) is our little man at just 15 pounds. He loves to cuddle up on the couch every night. During the day, he wants to be outside exploring and having fun with all his friends. Duke has a silly personality and keeps us laughing.

True Blue's Jesse Jubilee

Shelties of True Blue Ranch

True Blue's Daniel the Lionhearted

True Blue's Texas Walker

David (Bi-Blue) is a very loving boy that enjoys being held and loved on. David is smaller than most of the other boys, but he has the attitude and heart of a gentle giant.

Samson (Bi-Blue) is the silliest of our Shelties, and you can almost hear him laugh. He loves to be teased and teases right back. It's so fun to groom him because he is so ticklish and he gets giddy and rolls around. Samson's nickname is "My Boy", and that's just what he is - our boy! 

True Blue's The Duke

Jesse (Bi-Black) is Our Big Guy with the big heart. He can't decide if he would rather be giving us big hugs or chasing Daniel around the yard, so he will usually do both. He is the true definition of a sweetheart.

True Blue's Little King David

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