Shelties of True Blue Ranch

True Blue's Blondie

Daisy is our little girl at just 15 pounds. She is a mama's girl and is also a great and dedicated mama herself. She loves being the boss and henpecks poor Duke.

Rachel (Tricolor) is our playful fun-loving sweetie. She loves playing with the boys. No matter how much fun she is having, she always stops to come give us a hug and then she's right back to the game. Rachel is a happy and proud mama.

Meet the Girls:

Honey was named for her gorgeous golden sable merle coat, and she is as sweet as honey. She is a loving and patient mama and adores her babies. Honey is an amazing athlete and loves to run and jumps like a gazelle.

True Blue's Crown Daisy

True Blue's Rachel

Skye (Sable) is a true athlete who spends the day watching the sky for birds. She has an almost never-ending source of energy, and it's fun to watch the other dogs try to keep up with her. She does slow down to take care of her babies and loves playing with them.

Blondie (Sable Merle) is our lovable darling girl. She came to us very shy, but has now blossomed into a jump-in-your-lap, kiss-you-all-over sweetheart. She is the best mama and has the most beautiful babies.

True Blue's Sweet Honeycomb

True Blue's Keep'Her Smiling

Keep'Her (tricolor) is Blondie & Walker's beautiful girl. She always has a smile on her face and loves to be held and cuddled. She is very nurturing and loving with all the puppies, especially her own.

True Blue's Skye Watcher

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